RainGuard™ Automatic Downspout Extensions

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  • How does Rainguard Work?

    Rainwater from the roof creates pressure in the downspout, causing Rainguard to roll out. Water sprinkles from holes along the length of the tube. During heavier rains, water is expelled from a large flush hole near the spool. When pressure from rainwater lessens, Rainguard will automatically roll up slowly.

  • Does the installation require tools?

    Rainguard is simple to install - no tools required - apply a strip of adhesive foam gasket - (supplied) to bottom of downspout - position Rainguard over downspout -secure Rainguard using the releasable tie (supplied) - wait for the rain so you can watch it work!

  • What size of downspout will Rainguard products fit?

    All standard downspouts are less than 14 inches around. Best measured with a flexible tape. Rainguard products will fit any downspout up to 14 inches around. Larger sizes require a reducer which can be made by a gutter supplier or sheet metal shop. Since non standard downspouts come in a variety of shapes and sizes we do not supply reducers.

  • Does Rainguard require cleaning?

    Rainguard is self-cleaning. During heavy rains debris and leaves are expelled from the flush hole at the end of the unit. If you have installed a new roof heavier gravel particles may accumulate and prevent Rainguard from automatically retracting. The unit may be removed to easily wash this material out. The Rainguard tie is releasable and reusable by pressing the small tab on the head of the tie.

  • What about winter?

    The unit does not extend or retract during icing or snow and drainage is the same as when a standard downspout discharge is covered by snow or ice. Removal is optional and can be easily performed with the releasable tie. None of Rainguard's components are adversely affected by cold.

  • Can the length be changed?

    Yes. Removal of the unit is not required. Simply roll out the Rainguard and place a brick or other heavy object at the end to prevent re-rolling. Determine where you would like the unit to stop and cut a new flush hole with a sharp knife or scissors in the outer top surface of the tube only.

  • Where is the releasable tie packaged?

    The tie is packaged in the axle of the Rainguard.

  • Where is Rainguard manufactured?

    Rainguard like any product has a number of parts. In our case the insert comes from South Carolina, the attachment ties are from Wisconsin, and the sealing gasket is from Pennsylvania. The other parts are manufactured in Canada. The final assembly and packaging is done in Canada and the finished product distributed from New York State.