RainGuard™ Automatic Downspout Extensions

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RainGuard™ Automatic Downspout Extensions

  • Rainguard™ Automatic Downspout Extensions - "Rolls out when it rains, rolls back when it stops".


    Rainguard™ downspout extensions disperse rainwater away from your foundation. Helps prevent wet basements and erosion damage to your lawns and flowerbeds. Our downspout extensions are designed to last, self cleaning and better than metal gutters and splash blocks.


    Rainguard™ downspout extensions are the smart solution: effective, attractive, inexpensive and easy to install. Compare it to other solutions and see for yourself!


    "Runoff runs through it" (Review of Rainguard™ in the Boston Globe)

    Last week's torrents provided a drenching reminder for many homeowners that it takes more than good gutters to channel rainwater away from the house, and Electro Guard Corp. offers a new, fairly low-tech way to finish the job. Its Rainguard automatic downspout extensions attach without tools and sit unobtrusively until they're needed. When it starts to rain, the plastic extensions unfurl with the weight of the water and harmlessly disperse it, away from the foundation and without erosion. When the rain stops, the extensions roll back up, removing impediments not only to pedestrians but also to growth of grass or garden. For more information or to buy, go to www.rainguardusa.com.”
    - Stacey Perlman, Boston Globe

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